A Day with Mary

The editor of Into the Deep, a monthly Catholic newsletter, wrote the following about the Day with Mary that we had on the on 13 May 2017.

The Ordinariate Parish of the Most Holy Family hosted “A Day with Mary” in Cowwarr, Victoria. This day marked the 100th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima. The theme of the day was “Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary”. Fr Ken Clark gave two talks during the day. Following are some points I made in my notes while listening to the talks:

  • We forget the apparitions of the angel prior to Our Lady’s. The angel prostrated himself before the Blessed Sacrament and prayed. The children, being children, did the same. We must learn to follow the same way. We must acknowledge Christ in the sacrament of the altar.
  • In all the tabernacles of the world, God resides. Give him his due honour.
  • When I was Anglican, I thought all Catholics pray the rosary. Since being a Catholic priest, I realise how few pray the rosary!
     So much is written and people get confused about the messages. It’s hard to understand how we, with the sacrifice of a sore finger for example, can help in the overall salvation of the world.
  • We must unite our pain, our small sacrifice, to the pain of Christ.
  • Offer sacrifice. Tell Our Lady: “I’m sorry for the blasphemies against you and all the sacrileges against you.”
  • The messages of Fatima are relatively simple. We have trouble doing them because we don’t like to be obedient. We like to think we’re all grown up.
  • Fundamental to the message of Fatima is that we must pray the rosary daily in reparation for our sin and the sins of the whole world.
  • Make sacrifice – in our situation, where we find it. Not big, just little. Offer up arthritis pain, things we don’t like doing, mundane daily tasks.
  • Do penance. Not for oneself but for millions who are doomed to Hell unless we do something about it.
  • Unite your prayers with self-denial.
  • Hell is the destination of all who commit mortal sin without repentance. It is a place we choose; a place where we are separated from God; where we are still loved, but we don’t know it.
  • Mary is the perfect disciple, the Living Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies. If we do nothing except imitate her faith and obedience to what her Son has asked her to do, then we walk in the path of God.
  • Peter said we live in troubled times. Pope Pius X said the world is moving away from Christ. All down the ages the world has done what it likes. We are to pray for the world to be converted.
  • God’s plan at Fatima was to point out the destination of those who do not believe, and show us the way to save them.
  • God made us out of love and wants us to be with him.
  • The call of Fatima: Pray the rosary. Do penance. Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray for all to be converted. Five First Saturdays.
  • The Five First Saturdays is in reparation for offenses against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It entails: Holy Communion on the first Saturday of five consecutive months; Confession within 8 days either side; say the rosary and meditate for 15 minutes on the mysteries.
  • If we pray the rosary and do the Five First Saturdays, the world will improve.
  • Fatima is a call to love.
  • If we want the world to change, if we want what God wants, it has to start with us.
  • Holiness spreads. We must be true to what God has called us to be. Be obedient.
  • What are you doing? Praying. Who are you praying for? Sinners. How? The rosary.

The Day with Mary also included Confessions, Mass, the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, a procession with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima around the grounds of Cowwarr parish and the crowning of the statue. The Day with Mary will be an annual event hosted by the Ordinariate parish and everyone is most welcome.

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A Day with Mary – Centenary of the First Apparition at Fatima

Ordinariate Parish of the Most Holy Family

Come Spend a Day with Our Lady,
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

Saturday, May 13th 9.00am

St Brigid’s Church, Cowwarr

  • 9.00am: Fatima Prayers & Rosary
  • 9.00am – 10.30am: Confession available
  • 10.00am: Morning Tea: 
  • 11.00am: Fr Ken Clark: Fatima and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
  • 12.00 noon: Marian Procession, Crowning of Our Lady & Mass:
  • 1.00pm: BYO Lunch: 
  • 2.00pm: The Message of Fatima & Indulgence
  • 3.00pm: Closing with Divine Mercy Chaplet
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Gippsland Ordinariate Bulletin

I am trying something new this week and sharing the Sunday Bulletin for the Gippsland Ordinariate Group.  Hopefully, people will get to see, and share, what we are about, and find somethiing to read, and grow deeper in love with our Lord.  I try to include teachings from the Magisterium, and other readings of interest when I can.

Septuagesima:  septuagesima-a-2017: Septuagesima Insert: septuagesima-insert-a

Quinquagesima: quinquagesima-a-2017-doc

First Sunday in Lent: lent-1-a-2017

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Easter Services: Gippsland Ordinariate


Ash Wednesday: 1st March: Cowwarr: St Brigid’s Catholic Church

  • 10.00: Mass & Adoration
  • 6.30pm: Mass

Stations of the Cross: Fridays during Lent

  • 6.30pm: Heyfield: St Michael’s Catholic Church


Maundy Thursday: 13th April: Cowwarr

  • 12 hr adoration: starts 12.00pm (noon)
  • 7.30pm: Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Good Friday: 14th April: Cowwarr

  • 12 hr prayer vigil of Good Friday starts 12.00am (midnight)
  • 10.00am: Stations of the Cross
  • 1.00pm : Good Friday Liturgy: The Celebration of the Passion and Death of our Lord
  • 3.00pm Prayer vigil ceases

Easter: 16th April: Cowwarr

  • 5.00am The Solemn Vigil of Easter: Dawn Mass
  • Community breakfast after mass

Easter: 16th April: Heyfield

  • 10.00am: Mass of the Resurrection

Divine Mercy Sunday: 23rd April: 2.30 – 3.30pm: Heyfield

  • Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Adoration
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3pm
  • Confession throughout the Hour
  • Closing with Benediction and blessing of Divine Mercy images
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Christmas Greetings and times

For all of the friends of the Gippsland Ordinariate those who are near, and those who are far away, this year has been rich in blessings of many kinds.

  • Our missal is one year old, and it forms and shapes the liturgy so that our focus is on God, not on each other;
  • We are starting to grow as people get used to our distinctive form of worship;
  • We are forming friendships, and ties with other Catholic groups who see in us, and our worship, something to treasure;
  • We are getting known as defenders of the Magisterium as codified in the Catechism of the Catholic Church;
  • We even, on occasion, have an organist (this is something that is a priority next year, so please pray that a person may put themselves forward for this ministry.

NativityAs we are in the final couple of days before Christmas I would like to remind Catholics, who perhaps have not been to Church for a while, that one should go to confession before receiving Holy Communion. We, as Catholics, are to be in a state of grace to receive our Lord, and what better time than now to go to confession. As you all know, we are called to be Holy, just as our God is Holy.

For those around Heyfield/Cowwarr mass times for the Ordinariate are:

  • Christmas Midnight Mass: Carols 11.30pm Saturday 24th December followed by Mass: Cowwarr: St Brigid’s Catholic Church
  • Christmas Day: Mass 10.00am Heyfield: St Michael’s Catholic Church
  • Feast of the Holy Innocents: 28th December: 10.00am: Cowwarr
  • Feast of the Most Holy Family: 30th December: Friday: 10.00am: Cowwarr
  • Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God: 1st January Sunday: 10.00am  : Heyfield
  • The Epiphany: 6th January 2017, Friday: 7.00pm: Cowwarr.

Forthcoming Event:
Marlo Four Day Retreat: Theme – The Beloved

  • 5.00pm Sunday: 19th February (Start)
  • Lunch: Thursday: 23rd February (Ends)

To all our Priest friends, fellow Catholics, those who worship with us, and to all people of goodwill may everyone have a Holy and Joyous Christmas season, and may our Lord bless you and keep you, now and always.

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Divine Worship the Missal: The Prayer of Humble Access

In the Ordinariate mass, Divine Worship: The Missal, the third form of the Roman Rite Mass authorized for use by Roman Catholics in the Personal Ordinariates established under Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Cœtibus, the Prayer of Humble Access is located before communion.  What is the Prayer of Humble Access?

We do not presume to come to this thy Table,
O merciful Lord,
trusting in our own righteousness,
but in thy manifold and great mercies.
We are not worthy so much
as to gather up the crumbs
under thy Table.
But thou art the same Lord,
whose property is always to have mercy:
Grant us therefore, gracious Lord,
so to eat the flesh of thy dear Son Jesus Christ,
and to drink his blood,
that we may evermore dwell in him, and he in us.

The history of this prayer is rather unique though it does bear some correlation to the earlier Apologia Sacerdotes[i], or the Apology of a Priest, said before the altar by the priest alone.  It first appears in English, in the “1548 Order of the Communion, a newly-decreed collection of prayers in English to prepare worshippers for the sacrament in both species, bread and wine.” [ii]   It was written by Thomas Cranmer who was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1532 until his trial for heresy when he was deprived of his Archbishopric on December 4th 1555.  One could ask the question, could anything good come from a heretic, and the answer must be that God uses all, even heretics…

The rest of the paper can be read at the-prayer-of-humble-access

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Musings of the Ordinary 24

Advent is soon with us, and our Ordinary, Msgr Harry Entwistle gives us a reminder, in his latest musings that:

The liturgical colour used in Advent may well be penitential purple, but the anticipatory atmosphere of celebration turns it into a period of focus on Love, Joy, Hope and Peace rather than its previous focus on Heaven, Hell, Death and Judgement.

Advent has ceased to breathe with its two lungs of the First and Second coming of Christ and so is a shadow of what the Church intends it to be.

It is the season when we reflect on our salvation history and how God interacts with his people on this continuing journey until Jesus comes again to judge the living and the dead

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