Musings of the Ordinary 24

Advent is soon with us, and our Ordinary, Msgr Harry Entwistle gives us a reminder, in his latest musings that:

The liturgical colour used in Advent may well be penitential purple, but the anticipatory atmosphere of celebration turns it into a period of focus on Love, Joy, Hope and Peace rather than its previous focus on Heaven, Hell, Death and Judgement.

Advent has ceased to breathe with its two lungs of the First and Second coming of Christ and so is a shadow of what the Church intends it to be.

It is the season when we reflect on our salvation history and how God interacts with his people on this continuing journey until Jesus comes again to judge the living and the dead

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Christmas Services

mangerIn a very short time Christmas will be here with us once again.

  • Once again we wait for the Christ child to come into our world.
  • Once again we wait for the long expected messiah.
  • Once again in a world of hatred and indifference the God of love will come.
  • Once again our hearts will be full of love for this Child.
  • Once again our redemption is nigh.

What will you be doing this Christmas?  If you are in Gippsland, and near Cowwarr or Heyfield you are invited to come to mass.

Midnight Mass: St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Church Street, Cowwarr

  • 11.30pm 24th December: Carols folowed by
  • 12.00am Christmas Day: Mass

Christmas Day: St Michael’s Catholic Church, Gordon Street, Heyfield

  • 10.00am: Mass
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Mass Times: Forthcoming Events

Below are the mass times, and the forthcoming masses and events for the Gippsland Ordinriate Parish.  Of special notice are the 1st Friday and 1st Saturday devotions; Midnight Mass at Cowwarr at Christmas; and a retreat for the Parish in February 2017 (theme is ‘Beloved’).

Mass Times
Meets:  Saint Michael’s Catholic Church, Heyfield
Sundays:  Holy Mass, 10.00 a.m; Confession: 9.30am

Weekdays: St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Church Street, Cowwarr
Wednesday:  Holy Mass, 10.00am;  Adoration, 10.30-11.00am,

1st Friday Devotions: Holy Mass: 7.00pm: Adoration till 12.00am

1st Saturday Devotions: Confession: 9.30am: Holy Mass: 10.00am: Rosary and Adoration till 11.30am

Saturdays (3rd Sat.):  Holy Mass, 10.00am, Maffra Motor Inn Chapel

Contact:  Father Ken Clark | 0403 383 873 | |

2016: Retreat/Quiet Day: St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Church Street, Cowwarr
Saturday: 29th October:

  • Mass: 10am
  • 1st Address: 10.30am
  • Quiet Time/reflection: 11.00am
  • Angelus: 12.00pm
  • Rosary after Angelus
  • Lunch (BYO): 1.00pm
  • 2nd Address: 1.45pm
  • Quiet Time/confession: 2.15pm
  • Evening Prayer: 3.45pm
  • Close: 4.00pm


Dates for the Diary:

2016: Christmas: Midnight Mass: St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Church Street, Cowwarr

  • 11.30pm 24th December: Carols
  • 12.00am Christmas Day: Mass

2017: Four day Retreat: Marlo

  • 5.00pm 19th February (Start)
  • Lunch: 23rd February (Ends)


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Musings 23: From the Ordinary

Here is the latest Musings of the Ordinary.  Some snippets:

In many of these basilicas the high altar is adorned with large crucifix, marble, statues of saints, tabernacles, candles and abundant gold leaf. It stands majestically on three steps so that, visible from the nave, the faithful must look upwards in prayer and adoration as the sacrifice of the mass is offered…

Yet the mass is not offered at these altars … in front of these altars is a table with small candles, no embellishment that can help the worshippers ‘see’ the splendour of God’s majestic presence … Here the focus is not on God who is beyond us, but on the ‘enclosed’ gathered community in which God’s presence is acknowledged.

… If we only strive to encounter God who is beyond us there is a danger that we will be of little earthly use. If we focus only on the God among us we will be good welfare workers, but less able to be effective disciples and lead others to salvation.

Evangelisation occurs when one person shows another how Jesus has changed their life because they have ‘seen’ the presence of our loving, merciful God in it and have ‘taken off their shoes’ in adoration … Evangelisation requires disciples to be heralds of hope. Ask people where they place their hope and
help them see that true hope lies in waiting on God in stillness. (Psalm 623:5)

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Mercy and holiness

I was at a meeting the other day where I heard that “mercy trumps holiness”. What does that mean? I am not sure, though I do think that people who adhere to this are pushing the boundaries so that mercy, is not bound by doctrine; that pastoralia, and care have been detached from doctrine and dogma. People who are pushing for a change will say that nothing has changed, doctrine is still there, but we have to have ‘mercy’ and from there people will be lead by discerning pastors to eventually have an informed conscience.

It seems to me that this is wrong. We are called to be holy as our God is holy. We are called to live lives that are in a ‘state of grace’, and from that state of grace we then reach out to people on the margins. Being holy, as our Lord is holy, and being merciful, as our Lord is merciful are entwined, and you cannot have one without the other. For me, everything flows from the sacrifice of the mass. It is here where we meet Jesus Christ, who saved us from our sins, and it is here where we meet Jesus who said to us, “go out to the stranger, the widow, the orphan. The acts of holiness flow from our relationship with God, and our theosis.

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Jesus is the path to salvation

i-am-the-wayHave you noticed that a lot of people (bishops, priests, religious, and people in the pews) seem to have forgotten that the overarching law of the Church is the ‘salvation of souls’, and not solely ‘social justice’. The current trend of chasing after social justice issues without concern for people to be saved is worrisome. I wonder how many we are dooming because we do not have the salvific power of Jesus always before us. I am not stating that social justice and salvation are separate, but social justice flows from Christ’s saving action of his kenosis, His Passion and His resurrection. He died to save all mankind from their sins, and bring them all within the life of the Trinity by our theosis, our transformation into the likeness of God through prayer, fasting, almsgiving and atonement (contrition, confession).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church in its prologue states:

“FATHER,… this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”1

“God our Saviour desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”2

“There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved”3 – than the name of JESUS

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24 Hour Adoration/Assumption Mass

Assumption_of_the_Blessed_Virgin_Mary_001This coming weekend we, the Gippsland Ordinariate are celebrating the Assumption of Mary.

We are holding vigil and adoration for twenty four hours ending with the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For ALL Catholics, this is a Holy Day of Obligation.  As such, the Catechism states,”

On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are to refrain from engaging in work or activities that hinder the worship owed to God.” CCC 2185
  • 14th August: Sunday: 24 hour adoration: Cowwarr
    • Starts: 11.00am:
    • Finishes: 11.00am:
  • 15th August: Mass: Assumption of Mary: 11am Cowwarr
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