Other Ordinariates (Eastern)

A friend asked me the following question about other Ordinariates.

The exact question was “[A friend of mine] was telling us that their parish priest is also married, [previously] from the Uniting Church so it  got me wondering are there other  groups like the Ordinariate  who have changed back to the catholic doctrine?

The answer is not so straight forward.  Of the Reformation churches, those that split with Rome from the Reformation on – Church of England, Lutheranism, Anabaptists, Calvanists, and the resultant splits within these denominations – there is only one group that has returned and been approved by Rome as being fully Catholic.  That is, of course, the Personal Ordinariates as established under Anglicanorum Coetibus in 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI.  We are the only post reformation church to come back into union with Rome.  As we are historically part of the Latin Rite we were given a home back within the Latin Rite,  As such, we are Latin Rite Catholics with our own history, Missal, and Patrimony.  Methodists, United Methodists, and anyone in the Anglican family of churches if they want to come as a corporate body have to come into the Personal Ordinariates.

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