Christmas Greetings and Times

NativityFor all of the friends of the Gippsland Ordinariate those who are near, and those who are far away, this year has been rich in blessings of many kinds.

Our missal is now a couple of years old, and it forms and shapes the liturgy so that our focus is on God, not on each other;
We are starting to grow as people get used to our distinctive form of worship;
We are forming friendships, and ties with other Catholic groups who see in us, and our worship, something to treasure;
We are getting known as defenders of the Magisterium as codified in the Catechism of the Catholic Church;

As we are in the final couple of weeks before Christmas I would like to remind Catholics, who perhaps have not been to Church for a while, that one should go to confession before receiving Holy Communion. We, as Catholics, are to be in a state of grace to receive our Lord, and what better time than now to go to confession. As you all know, we are called to be Holy, just as our God is Holy.

For those around Heyfield/Cowwarr mass times for the Ordinariate are:

  • Christmas Midnight Mass: Carols 11.30pm Saturday 24th December followed by Mass: Cowwarr: St Brigid’s Catholic Church
  • Christmas Day: Mass 10.00am Heyfield: St Michael’s Catholic Church
  • Feast of the Holy Innocents: 28th December: Friday:: 7.00pm: Cowwarr
  • Feast of the Most Holy Family: 30th December: Sunday: 10.00am: Heyfield
  • Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God: 1st January Tuesday: 7.00pm : Cowwarr
  • The Epiphany: 6th January 2017, Sunday: 10.00am: Heyfield.
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