Pentecost Sunday today. What an experience it must have been for the Apostles and Our Lady, to be in the room when the Holy Spirit was out-poured on the Church. Such amazement, such faith, such joy, and probably – awe, bewilderment, and some fear. All of these rolled into one Godly experience.

And the fruits of the Spirit are (Gal 5: 22-23);

  • Love (Greek: agape, Latin: caritas),
  • Joy (Greek: chara, Latin: gaudium),
  • Peace (Greek: eirene, Latin: pax),
  • Patience (Greek: makrothumia, Latin: longanimitas),
  • Kindness (Greek: chrestotes, Latin: benignitas),
  • Goodness (Greek: agathosune, Latin: bonitas),
  • Faithfulness (Greek: pistis, Latin: fides),
  • Gentleness (Greek: prautes, Latin: modestia),
  • Self-control (Greek: egkrateia, Latin: continentia).

HHhhhmmmm! Looking at that list we are a long way from demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit, not just in the world, but in the Church, and in our private lives as well. If the Spirit is to change the world, it has to change us first. We have to let the Holy Spirit work in our lives. We must be humble and ask, “Come Holy Spirit, come into my life. Change me. Make me into what God wants of me. Create in my a new heart, one dedicated to Our Lord, one filled with zeal, and love.”

Remember, the Holy Spirit was poured on the Apostles, and the Church, to further the ministry of Our Lord. We are not given the fruits of the Spirit to feel good, or to speak in tongues for our own benefit, to heal so that people can see our miracles. We are given the Spirit to boldly proclaim Christ, and Him Crucified, Risen, and Glorified. It is He, the Holy Spirit that will lead us to the truth in Christ, and it is He, the Holy Spirit, that gives us what we need for our mission, ‘to go into all the world, tell people about Christ, and to baptise in His Name’.

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