Ministry Opportunity and Outreach

I would like to bring people up to date about the Gippsland Ordinariate, and an exciting new development in its ministry.  It has been four years and five months since I was ordained a Catholic priest by the then Bishop of Sale, Bp Christopher Prowse, having been an Anglican minister for 18 years previous to ordination.  Since that time we have utilised two churches thanks to the generosity of the Bishop of Sale, and the local parish priest.  Sunday masses are in Heyfield, and weekday masses are in Cowwarr.  As you no doubt are aware we are a small Parish here in Gippsland.   My wife, Carmel, and I are now living in the presbytery in Cowwarr thanks to the local Bishop. This has been a wonderful thing for Carmel and I as it has meant that we have a home for which we are extremely grateful.

The local community have been very welcoming and encouraging.  The Ordinariate community here continues to grow, though slowly.  There is a family who have joined us.  They drive over an hour to join us for Sunday mass from Leongatha to Heyfield, and it is never easy. Other people drive 45 minutes, or more.  God is great, He has lead these people to us in the Ordinariate, and He continues to give.  We have been praying for more families to join us, and families attract families.  Especially if the faith is taught, the Magisterium is obeyed, and the Sacraments are filled with awe, beauty, and reverence.

To that end, and with a thanksgiving and faith, we have started offering the sacrifice of the mass in Mirboo North once a month.  While it did start out as trying to ease the burden on the family at Leongatha’s hour and a half commute to mass each Sunday, it has turned into an avenue of outreach, prayer, and ministry. The plan is simple, “to gather the lost”.

Date:   4th Sunday of the Month
Time:   5.00pm
Place:  St Joseph’s Catholic Church: Mirboo North

If people are in and around Mirboo North on that Sunday, or if they know of any friends or family, then by all means join us.  I would like to leave you with this:

All priest should offer the sacrifice of the mass as if it was our “first mass, your last mass, your only mass”.  So too for those who come to communion. Perhaps we need a reminder like the priests:

Catholic faithful, receive Christ in the Sacrament as if it was your first communion, your last communion, your only communion.

The miracle of the sacrifice of Christ and His immolation on our altars should always be treated with the reverence, awe, wonder, and holiness that we can place upon it.  By all means join with us as we proclaim Christ, and Him crucified to the world.

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