Holy Hour of Reparation

Here at Cowwarr we have started a Holy Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart as asked for by Pope Pius XI, in the Encyclical, Miserentissimus Redemptor.

In the Encyclical, Pope PiusXI said this:

16. But it is yet more to be lamented, Venerable Brethren, that among the faithful themselves, washed in Baptism with the blood of the immaculate Lamb, and enriched with grace, there are found so many men of every class, who laboring under an incredible ignorance of Divine things and infected with false doctrines, far from their Father’s home, lead a life involved in vices, a life which is not brightened by the light of true faith, nor gladdened by the hope of future beatitude, nor refreshed and cherished by the fire of charity; so that they truly seem to sit in darkness and in the shadow of death. Moreover, among the faithful there is a greatly increasing carelessness of ecclesiastical discipline, and of those ancient institutions on which all Christian life rests, by which domestic society is governed, and the sanctity of marriage is safeguarded; the education of children is altogether neglected, or else it is depraved by too indulgent blandishments, and the Church is even robbed of the power of giving the young a Christian education; there is a sad forgetfulness of Christian modesty especially in the life and the dress of women; there is an unbridled cupidity of transitory things, a want of moderation in civic affairs, an unbounded ambition of popular favor, a depreciation of legitimate authority, and lastly a contempt for the word of God, whereby faith itself is injured, or is brought into proximate peril.

What was true in 1928 is true today, though much worse.  In many ways there has been a slow degradation of the Catholic Faith as to be almost unrecognizable in many places as Catholic.  So every Thursday for one hour we offer the Holy Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We use something similar to the Holy Hour here (pdf).

Please join us wherever you are for this Holy Hour.  Nothing will change in this world unless we sacrifice our time, our talents, and our prayers to God in reparation for our sins, both individual, and corporate.

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