Musings 23: From the Ordinary

Here is the latest Musings of the Ordinary.  Some snippets:

In many of these basilicas the high altar is adorned with large crucifix, marble, statues of saints, tabernacles, candles and abundant gold leaf. It stands majestically on three steps so that, visible from the nave, the faithful must look upwards in prayer and adoration as the sacrifice of the mass is offered…

Yet the mass is not offered at these altars … in front of these altars is a table with small candles, no embellishment that can help the worshippers ‘see’ the splendour of God’s majestic presence … Here the focus is not on God who is beyond us, but on the ‘enclosed’ gathered community in which God’s presence is acknowledged.

… If we only strive to encounter God who is beyond us there is a danger that we will be of little earthly use. If we focus only on the God among us we will be good welfare workers, but less able to be effective disciples and lead others to salvation.

Evangelisation occurs when one person shows another how Jesus has changed their life because they have ‘seen’ the presence of our loving, merciful God in it and have ‘taken off their shoes’ in adoration … Evangelisation requires disciples to be heralds of hope. Ask people where they place their hope and
help them see that true hope lies in waiting on God in stillness. (Psalm 623:5)

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