Marian Day – Our Lady of Mercy

Frs Ken Clark (Ordinariate) & Prassana Costa (Diocese of Sale)

Frs Ken Clark (Ordinariate) & Prassana Costa (Diocese of Sale)

The Ordinariate parish of the Most Holy Family in Gippsland hosted this year’s Marian Day, in Cowwarr, with the approval of Bp Patirck, Bishop of Sale.  Fr Ken Clark, parish priest of the Ordinariate parish, and Fr Prasanna Costa, assistant priest in Traralgon (diocese of Sale), each delivered a talk on Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, and concelebrated Mass according to the Ordinariate rite.  The rest of the day consisted of exposition and benediction, time for Confessions, rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet, litany to Our Lady, and crowning of the statue of Our Lady.

Ordinariate Rite Concelebration

Ordinariate Rite Concelebration

Lunch time was a great opportunity to meet and enjoy one another’s company, especially as those who come to the Marian Day come from across the diocese don’t often get to see one another.  Thanks to Pat Crozier for organising the day, and for John and Judy Cooney for always ensuring the hall is in great shape for good hosting such events.


Fr Prasanna, used Dr Robert Stackpoles article on “Why Do We Call Mary, Mother of Mercy” as the base for his talk.  Fr Prassana spoke on Mary as Mother of Mercy outlining that:

  1. the first reason we can rightfully call Mary our “Mother of Mercy” is that by God’s special, prevenient grace, He created her soul to be the masterpiece of His Mercy in the world.
  2. the second reason we are right to call Mary “Mother of Mercy” is that she was the one chosen to be the Mother of God.
  3. the third reason that we are right to call Mary our “Mother of Mercy” is that during her sojourn on earth, she performed a tremendous work of mercy for us all; do what He tells you
  4. Mary is “Mother of Mercy” because from heaven she continues to intercede for us; Mary Pray for us (

Fr Ken expanded on the idea of mercy, first explaining what mercy is not; then talking about Mercy as a person, the Word Incarnate, Love itself.

Mercy situates itself between justice, what we deserve (see Romans 3: 10; 6:23 and Rev 20:12-15; 21: 8) and the one who suffers, and asks for mercy.  mercy infers a call to conversion.—an invitation to conversion, an invitation to change.  Jesus’ command in the Gospel to “repent and sin no more,” directly contradicts the idea that mercy condones (or at least ignores) sinful behavior. (

Christ, who is infinite Love, capable and willing to take on our sins; who conquered death; rose from death, and situates Himself through His ascension taking our flesh, born of

Fr Prasanna and Ken during the Canon.

Frs Prasanna and Ken during the Canon.

Mary back to the bliss that is God.  Jesus became sin itself (2 Cor 5: 21) so that we can attain to the Godhead.

The annual Marian Day will be held in Cowwarr in future, as usual on the Saturday closest to the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima (13 May).  Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of Fatima, so the Marian Day will be extra special.  Please come and join us then for another great day of prayer and worship and fellowship.

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