The Crucible of Love

On Ascension Day, I offered the Sacrifice of the Mass for wonderful couple that celebrated 25 years together. In the giving and receiving of vows, and in marriage a new creation comes into being, one born out of the crucible of love, and one into which they freely joined. In a previous life, I was a white metal worker, and am familiar with a crucible, though mine was a larger crucible, where metal was melted, the dross cleaned off, and something new was brought into existence that was that was not there before the crucible.

In that sense, marriage is a refining process that aids in building an entity of ‘oneness’ unique in the eyes of God and born out of wedlock that goes the distance, that does the hard tasks, that loves the hard way, and that has God as its centre.

What is true for a couple getting married, the two become one, born out of the crucible of love, is also true for each one of us who are Christians as we journey to the bliss that is God.

The world acts as a crucible creating beings capable of divine love; God is the refining fire, our vessel is ourselves, and the fallen world is the ‘hater’ of our life. If we keep to Christ, His Church, and the Magesterium the world acts as a crucible for discipleship. If we are true, than we become Christ-centred, holiness minded, oriented away from those things of this world that corrupt.

And why? Because we have God, God who died for you and I, died that we might attain holiness, and from thence, attain to Heaven with God’s grace. We are meant to be holy, not to be mired down in the depravity, and sinfulness that surrounds us. We are born to love, and be loved by God, but we can only do this when we orient ourselves away from those things that are not of God.

When we live our life oriented towards God, we are aflame with love, and we want all people to have this love. Love which is easily attainable; “Do what He tells you?” Br faithful and true to our Beloved Christ, his church, and the Magesterium – love awaits.

How gently and lovingly
You wake in my heart,
Where in secret you dwell alone;
And in your sweet breathing,
Filled with good and glory,
How tenderly You swell my heart with love. (St John of God)

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