Easter Treat – Gippsland

Are you looking for something different this Easter?  Surprise yourself by celebrating Easter with the Ordinariate in Gippsland.  And enjoy a FREE COMMUNITY BREAKFAST after DAWN MASS on Easter Sunday morning!

The Ordinariate is unusual.  It is Catholic –with an English heritage.  The priest is Catholic, ordained by Bp Christopher Prowse in 2013 – formerly an Anglican minister. He’s a traditional Catholic priest – and married, having asked Pope Francis for a dispensation from clerical celibacy.  The Mass is ancient and traditional – but in English, not Latin.  It’s an altogether unusual situation, and everyone is most welcome to come and see.

Easter Dawn Mass is unusual too, the only one in Gippsland.  It’s very symbolic.  The Eucharist will be celebrated as the sun rises, symbolising the rising Son of God, Christ Jesus, on Easter morning.

And after such an awe-inspiring dawn celebration, you need a good breakfast!  So the parish is putting on a breakfast, free for anyone who’s around at that time of morning!  Bacon, sausages and eggs, toast, chocolate cake, Easter eggs, tea, espresso coffee… what more could you want?

CowwarrDawn Mass will be celebrated at 5.00am in the historic St Brigid’s Catholic Church in Cowwarr – a beautiful church over 100 years old (the foundation stone was laid in 1870).  Breakfast will be in the hall alongside, also a beautiful historic old building that used to be the parish school.

Everyone is welcome to come and see and experience what this unusual parish has to offer.  What better time than Easter?  “Easter allows us to fall in love with Christ once again, to come home, and to experience this love.  Is there anything greater than belonging to the family of God?” Fr Ken said.

Come and join us for any or all of the following celebrations:

Holy Thursday, 24 March: Mass of the Lord’s Supper, 7.30pm Cowwarr. Prayer vigil from 3pm Thursday to 3pm Friday.  Opportunity for Confession 6pm-6.30pm.

Good Friday, 25 March: 10am Stations of the Cross, Cowwarr.  Opportunity for Confession afterwards.  Liturgy 1pm Cowwarr (the priest wears black vestments for the first part of the liturgy, changing to red vestments for Holy Communion).

Easter Sunday: Solemn Vigil of Easter – DAWN Mass of the Resurrection, 5am, Cowwarr. Followed by a FREE COMMUNITY BREAKFAST in the parish hall.  (If dawn is too radical for you, there’s also 10am Ordinariate Mass at St Michael’s Catholic Church in Heyfield – you miss out on the free breakfast.)
The Ordinariate, set up by Pope Benedict XVI, through Anglicanorum Coetibus, is a way for groups of Anglicans to become Catholic and yet keep elements of their English heritage and liturgy that supported the Catholic faith in the Reformation diaspora.  The Australian diocese – the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross – covers the whole of Australia and Japan. There are currently only two others in the world – one covering USA and Canada, and the other the United Kingdom.

“We have an English spiritual, theological and pastoral tradition that will hopefully enrich the whole Catholic Church.” Monsignor Harry Entwistle, the “Ordinary” (who has ordinary jurisdiction the same as a bishop of a diocese) said.

The local Ordinariate parish is Gippsland’s Parish of the Most Holy Family.  Regular Sunday Mass is celebrated in St Michael’s Catholic Church in Heyfield, and other Masses in St Brigid’s Catholic Church in Cowwarr.

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