Fasting – a good article from Fr Ray

From Fr Ray Blake’s Blog post, I hate Fasting:

Fasting is an expression of the incarnational nature of of our faith, we are not Manichees, we have bodies, we should use them. Conforming our bodies to Christ, at least in theory conforms our souls or our minds to him.
So this Lent do some physical penance: endure the cold, keep vigil in the night, walk barefoot over sharp rocks, kneel or prostrate on a damp stone floor, wear sackcloth, use the discipline or celice often. The trouble with these is that they can so often be vainglorious, more about our endurance of pain, more about me – fasting on the other-hand is less likely to us physical or spiritual harm, so fast! Even if it is difficult and the good it does is difficult perceive, do it.

In the article Fr Ray also talks about the Eucharist fast. For the life of me, I do not know why they changed it to only an hour.  Why do that?  What is wrong with fasting from midnight?  The rule now is an hour.  Perhaps, those of us who can should think about the longer Eucharistic fast and offering the fast in reparation.

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