Be Faithful, Test Everything

As Catholics it is too easy for us to feel isolated and alone.  When we feel like this in our faith, we can become vulnerable, we get hurt when those closest to us think we are some sort of ‘throwbacks’ to a former age, or we feel that it is easier to give up and go with the ‘flow’, or worse, we do give up, and just mouth the words every Sunday without thought or passion.

The battleground now is the Church.  It is not really in the world, though that may feel like it at the moment.  The real fight is for the Church.

I joined the Catholic Church because it is the One True Church, and to see the teachings of the Church belittled, by people within the Church, people who have taken the same vows as I, to defend the faith, hurts me deeply.  Test everything you hear with the Magesterium, (the Church teaching as codified in the Catechism of the Catholic Church).  If someone within the Church teaches something contrary to the CCC then do not trust them with your soul.

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