Lent is fast approaching

AshWednesdayLent is fast approaching. What will you be doing for Lent. It is a time of introspection to see where you have followed Christ, to see where you have failed to follow Christ, and a time to walk with Him as He moves towards the Cross. So it is a time of self-examination and repentance so that we can draw closer to Christ.

St Augustine says, “As they were looking on, so we too gaze on his wounds as he hangs. We see his blood as he dies. We see the price offered by the redeemer, touch the scars of his resurrection. He bows his head, as if to kiss you. His heart is made bare open, as it were, in love to you. His arms are extended that he may embrace you. His whole body is displayed for your redemption. Ponder how great these things are. Let all this be rightly weighed in your mind: as he was once fixed to the cross in every part of his body for you, so he may now be fixed in every part of your soul.”

What will you be doing?  Adding a Holy Hour? Adding Stations of the Cross? Add fasting? Take up praying the Liturgy of the Hours, or morning and evening prayer? If you are still looking for ideas for Lent then go read this old blogpost of Rachel Held Evans, 40 ideas for Lent 2012 (still good three years later).  And join the Ordinariate in Gippsland as we draw closer to our God, through prayer, penance, and sacrifice.

Ash Wednesday: St Brigid’s Church, Cowwarr: Imposition of Ashes: 10am Wedesday 18 February, followed by Adoration (Ordinariate Mass)

Stations of the Cross: St Michael’s Church, Heyfield: 7.30pm: Every Friday during Lent: : If the renovations to the Church are not finished Stations at St Brigid’s Cowwarr: 7.30pm

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