Christmass Masses, and year in review

Off to mass soon for Advent IV, then lunch with Parish members.

What a year it has been. Busy as ever at the Motel, and getting into stride as a traditional Catholic priest. Of course, being a Catholic priest is not easy, and being one that supports the Magesterium, as codified in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in all its fullness is even harder. However, I was ordained as a Catholic priest in the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass, to teach, to exhort, to walk with people given into my care by the Ordinary. This I have done, and would not do anything else.

People deserve priests who are faithful to the Magesterium.  Teaching anything else leads nowhere except away from God, and His Church (see my post here).

Can you imagine, facing Jesus on Judgement Day, and being asked, “What did you do to be faithful to me, and my Church? In what way have you been a faithful priest in the house of God? Who gave you the right to deviate from the Teachings of the Church? All I asked is that you be faithful!”

We need a return to tradition teaching, traditional values, priests who are proud of being priests (and being seen to be priests), we need priests who offer the sacrifice; we need priests to stand with their congregations against sin and the devil (read this blog post from Meg Hunter-Gilmer)

Christmass Masses:

Wednesday 24 December: Cowwarr: 10am
Christmas eve at Maffra where I am assisting Fr Darren: 8.30pm
Christmass day: Cowwarr 10.30:
Sunday 28th December: Holy Family: 10am Heyfield
Monday 29th December: Holy Innocents (and the aborted): Cowwarr: 10am
Wednesday 31st December: Cowwarr: 10am
Thursday 1 January, Mother of God: Cowwarr: 10am
Sunday 4th January: Heyfield: 10am
Tuesday 6th January: Epiphany: Cowwarr: 10am

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1 Response to Christmass Masses, and year in review

  1. GregK says:

    Thank you Fr Ken, for being a faithful, orthodox and fatherly priest. May God bless you and your wife this coming Christmas. GregK

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