Wise words

Meg Hunter-Kilmour has an interesting article titled “Advice to Priests“, which is what it says.  Here is some of the advice:

“Pray,” I said. “Love Christ and his Church and pray…

…celebrate the Sacraments like you believe that they’re real…Imagine if you celebrated Mass completely attentive to the fact that you were about to call God down to earth. Wouldn’t it be slower, more reverent, more intense? Wouldn’t you be awestruck, holding the host in your hand? Would you really make do with a quick bow if you honestly believed—or maybe remembered is the word—that Jesus Christ was truly there?

…what they need are pastors who are showing them what holiness looks like. They need to see you and wonder at your love of the Lord. They need to believe that it’s possible to know Christ, and you can teach them that by coming to know him better yourself…

…confessional…a lost soul crawling home to his Father. What if you heard confessions with the immensity of this work in mind? I know you’ve heard a thousand confessions, and I do hope mine always bores you, but pray. Oh, Father, pray for the grace to remember what it is you’re doing!

…Baptize babies like it’s the most important day of their lives.

…Prepare couples for marriage like that’s how God is making them Saints.

…Anoint like it’s the lifeline holding people to Christ.

…Confirm like you’re sending soldiers into battle.

…Spend enough time in private prayer that your public prayer looks more like prayer and less like a formality.

…[Meg’s] advice to you is the same advice I keep giving myself as I stumble through, halfhearted and distracted: be a saint. Nothing else matters.

What a challenge to us who are priests.

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