Via Media

Fr Bartus, has a splendid article on his page which strikes at the heart of who we are as Ordinariate Catholics:

Nobody knows what to do with us. Both sides love us and both sides dislike us. But that is the appeal: those of us in the Ordinariates are, again, a true via media. We have a mandate to offer our unique heritage in the greater cause of evangelizing the world around us. This does not merely mean liturgical or musical contributions, but it also means our mentality: our approach to the faith. The way we speak and how we can truly relate to pretty much everyone in the native English-speaking world. Newman himself, as was Chesterton and Knox, always considered suspect by both parties in their day. So too are we, their children.

I was having a discussion with a traditional Catholic the other day after Evensong and Benediction, and he stated, “Father, that was splendid, just like the old days, reverent, joyful; it was wonderful.”  I do not know what he was expecting but obviously it was not what we did.   If we can give back to the Church reverence, awe and mystery then that to is part of our Patrimony as well.

I commend Fr Bartus’ article.

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