Music for Mass

Now that our parish has been up and going for two weeks, how time flies, the wheel turns to music for mass.  We do not have an organist, nor even the dream of one, at the moment, so I have been trying to get music that we, of the English tradition, and our fellow Catholics, both know.  I have turned to two online products for these: a comprehensive index of hymns and hymnals, and; The open hymnal project, more protestant.

Both of these provide music scores, and are easily accessible, but it does help to know the tune.  What I am looking for, I suppose is a hymnal that is inexpensive, that has tunes of traditional origin, both Catholic, and Anglo-catholic that we can use, till we get an organist.

It is very difficult to add music to the mass when one has been given a voice that only God finds satisfactory, and when not all people know the tune for the hymn, or there are two differing traditions for the same hymn.  It is adding spice to planning Sunday by Sunday.  If anyone has any ideas can they email me at gippsland.ordinariate @

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