The Ordinariate Mass

Many thanks to Psallite Sapienter for the following post.  Sorry I have not posted for a while but I have been busy getting ready for my Ordination this coming Saturday.  I celebrate 18 years an Anglican priest on St Luke’s day, the 18th October, and Ordination as a Catholic priest on Saturday 20th, same day as my wedding anniversary.  God moves in mysterious ways.  Anyway, enjoy the article.

“We’re strictly B.C.P…. except for the Secret and the Canon and the Dominus vobiscum” – words from an amusing poem about Anglo-Catholic liturgical peculiarities, now more than amply instantiated in the new Ordinariate Mass.There are various options which may be used: for instance, the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar (a noble English version of the Extraordinary Form prayers, including the , and excluding only the Aufer a nobis – a pity, for it is one of the oldest of the preparatory prayers – and the Oramus te); the Offertory prayers in Form I (those of the Extraordinary Form, omitting only the psalm-verses recited during the censing the altar); the Roman Canon (including the modern wording of the words of consecration, and the Memorial Acclamation); and the Last Gospel. Using all these, and recalling also that the firstDominus obiscum immediately precedes the Collect, that the text of the Embolism, or Libera nos, after the Lord’s Prayer, is according to the EF version, and that the Domine non sum dignus is thrice repeated, the Ordinariate Mass looks very much like Mass according to the immemorial Roman Rite.

However, specifically Anglican aspects are also present,.. Read More

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