Ordinariate invitation to English Spirituality

personal-ordinariate-of-our-lady-of-the-southern-cross-australia-2-without-motto-as-used-by-ordinaryMany thanks to The Record for this news story.

The Australian Ordinariate will share a part of the Anglican patrimony next week, issuing a general invitation to join in Holy Cross Day celebrations, to be held at the University of Notre Dame (UNDA) in Fremantle on September 14.

The day marks the ancient Christian Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross said to be related to St Helena, the mother of Constantine’s discovery of the cross of Christ; her son’s command to build churches over the sites where Christ died and was buried; and the return of that cross to Jerusalem after it was recaptured from the Persians.

Although it has remained part of the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar, it has maintained much greater significance in other communions, including in the Anglican and Episcopalian churches.

In honour of the day, Ordinariate priest Mgr Entwistle will celebrate Mass at UNDA’s Holy Spirit Chapel at 10.30am, followed by devotional Stations of the Cross at 11am, in conjunction with other parish clergy.

“We extend our thanks to the University of Notre Dame for allowing us to use the venue,” Mgr Entwistle said.

In former years, many members of the Ordinariate had celebrated the feast under the auspices of the Traditional Anglican Communion.

“With the formation of the Australian Ordinariate, and being in full communion with the Holy See, we are now able to incorporate Holy Mass on this feast day.”

More information on the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross’s Holy Cross Day celebrations is available at 9349 5798.

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