Who May Join an Ordinariate?

It is often asked who may join and Ordinariate, and where do cradle Catholics fit within the schema of the Ordinariate groups.

Three groups who can become members are

(1) Anglicans who wish to enter the full communion of the Catholic Church;
(2) Family members, who though cradle Catholics, are related to a member of the Ordinariate (spouse or child);
(3) A non-Christian who is catechised and receives the sacraments of Initiation within the juristiction of the Ordinariate (i.e. through the missionary work of an Ordinariate group).

Pope Francis added the following to the:

Complementary Norms: Article 5 §2. A person who has been baptized in the Catholic Church but who has not completed the Sacraments of Initiation, and subsequently returns to the faith and practice of the Church as a result of the evangelizing mission of the Ordinariate, may be admitted to membership in the Ordinariate and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation or the Sacrament of the Eucharist or both.

Evangilisation and mission are therefore of supreme importance to the Ordinariates, and people may join even if previously not Anglicans, and even if nominally Catholic.

How we are to evangelise is another thing entirely.  Perhaps, word of mouth, and directing loved ones, former Anglicans, nominal Catholics, those we know who do not go to Church towards the Ordinariates.  I know, for instance, even in Gippsland the large numbers of people, who for one thing and another do not go to Church but keep nominal membership.

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