Australian Ordinariate – Parishes

Melbourne Ordinations 2012The Holy Spirit so moved Pope Benedict 16th that he established his Personal Ordinariate: first in the United Kingdom, then in the USA and Canada, and finally here in Australia.  In short, the purpose of the Ordinariate is to salvage the Anglican Church and its historic Patrimony.

Last month: 15th June 2013, the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Australia, celebrated its first birthday.  In our first year in Australia we have established an active congregation in every capital city, except Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.

Our leader: The Ordinary, Monsignor Harry Entwistle lives in Perth and works at the Ordinariate parish in Perth. Here in Melbourne the Ordinariate has two parish centres: Holy Cross Church, South Caulfield, and St Patrick and the Holy Angels Church Mentone. In Victoria we also have a small active parish at Benalla, and another parish is forming around the Gippsland area, centred on Maffra.

In Sydney there is a parish in the Broken Bay Diocese in North Sydney.  Brisbane also has two parish groups, and a school at the Gold Coast where another parish centre is forming. There is also a parish group forming in Adelaide.  There is a parish in Rockhampton, and another up in Cairns, and a group forming on Thursday Island.

So you can see a lot has taken place here in Australia in twelve months. There are 14 priests at the moment caring for these parishes. There are several men offering to test their vocation for possible ordination.

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